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The Evan foundation was organized in 2014 -15 after founders, John & Stephanie Greene, lost their son, Evan, to an opiate overdose. Like so many others, Evan’s journey began with one pill offered by a peer. That one pill led to a horrible addiction that ultimately ended his life.

John & Stephanie bravely share Evan’s Story as part of a comprehensive program that includes an educational component presented by a Massachusetts State Trooper & Drug Recognition Expert, and an awareness component presented by a recovering addict.

The No First Time 45 minute presentation and 15-minute question and answer period are designed to educate young people on the danger of experimenting with drugs and engaging in risky behavior.

Please help us raise AWARENESS


We are a Non Profit Organization, we rely on your donations to continue our work!


To Ensure that no one’s Kid has any reason to try any DRUG for the First Time.


Tel: 833-730-0142
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Office: P.O. Box 473 North Easton Massachusetts 02356

We are a Non-Profit Organization, we rely on your donations to continue our work.